History of Inspired Networks

While Inspired Networks was incorporated in 2001, the story of Inspired Networks takes roots in the 1980’s following the once-unified Bell Systems new life as eight separate companies.

American History will describe it as a time of great expectations and great concern for both the telephone industry and the nation as whole. The result of both forces of competition and a major influx of investment capital from the financial markets culminated in the creation of new independent voice carriers (both CLECs and ILECs) within the traditional voice services market. This also led to the explosion of the internet with these new voice providers scrambling to provide data services to the masses. New Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Hosting ISPs, Transit ISPs, Virtual ISPs, Access Providers, Mailbox Providers, and Colocation Services were popping up almost daily, and all of Inspired Network’s resources were mired in the thick of this new and exciting space.

Monies flowed creating a “field of dreams” reality; “Build it, and business will follow” was the mantra.

The founders of Inspired Networks came from technology consulting firms established in the 1990’s that provided design and delivery services to ISPs and Access Providers from the ground-up, while growing the business and expanding the model from a staff of eight resources to a staff of greater than four hundred resources. Business was booming and the .com space was bustling. Then, seemingly overnight, a shift in the financial market combined with an abundance of over-zealous tech startups resulted in the collapse of the tech space, and a shift from “Build it, business will follow” to a focus on profitability resulted in slashing that same staff of over 400 staff to one of less than thirty resources.

Born from a simple concept, Inspired Networks was created with a focus on building a “right sized” IT consulting company to provide design and delivery services to our clients. What is “right sized?” “Right-sized” is establishing and growing a company based on the number, size and complexity of our client’s projects and business opportunities. The days of “Build it, business will follow” were over. We had lived the highs and the lows that came that business approach and we didn’t want a repeat performance based on inflated metrics and “soon-to be available” technology. We were not interested in venture capital monies. We wanted to be accountable to ourselves, our team, and our clients.

Our initial focus was on the Telecommunications, Financial/Insurance industries, as well as State and Local Government Agencies. In 2001, through our first core client Rockefeller Group Telecommunication Services (RGTS), an opportunity presented itself within John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). RGTS was presented with an opportunity to bid a project at JFK T4 to provide voice and data services to airport tenants (concessions, airlines, etc.). However, RGTS was challenged on how to bid the project. Founder and Managing Director of Inspired Networks, Rich Donnelly, a brash Bostonian in a sea of New Yorkers spoke up and proposed to lead the bid efforts. If RGTS was awarded the bid, Inspired Networks would deliver the project on the behalf of RGTS.

Despite the natural differences, Red Sox – Yankees, Patriots – Giants, Boston Clam Chowder – Manhattan Clam Chowder, Inspired Networks had earned the trust of RGTS and the offer was accepted. The bid was won, the project was delivered, and JFK T4 remains a client of RGTS today. Success!

JFK Airport would become the first of over 250 airports across six continents at which Inspired Networks has experienced success and built lasting relationships.

Our introduction into the Aviation Transportation Industries was not derived from a master business plan or a stroke of genius. In truth, our depth of experience and track record of success in the aviation space is due to the combination of a good idea, a bit of brash Bostonian, a trusting client, a lot of hard work, and yes, a bit of luck!

Our efforts at JFK caught the attention of others, leading in 2002 to the new Terminal 1 Construction Project at Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This was our first opportunity to integrate both the worlds of Technology and Construction, combining the experience of multiple technical disciplines with working knowledge of construction delivery contracts and methodology.

In our history, we have stayed true to our core values, have developed lasting relationships with our clients, and have continued our track record of project success. The journey has not been without challenges, making our success all the more rewarding. Day in and day out, at Inspired Networks we strive to stay true to our core values.

As Rich recalls from his youth, “Growing up, my grandfather had a number of sayings, and the one that resonated the loudest I later discovered was a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: “Learn from mistakes made by others, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

A valuable life lesson rooted in the history and foundation of Inspired Networks.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts, coined by the philosopher Aristotle, the phase aptly defines Inspired Networks. The strength of the Inspired Networks, is our dedicated and talented team, our outstanding clients, and our growing client relationships.