Construction Project Delivery

Construction Project Delivery is a comprehensive process including planning, design and construction required to execute and complete a building facility or other type of project. Choosing a project delivery method is one of the fundamental decisions owners make while developing their acquisition strategy.

Project Delivery SystemsProcurement MethodsContract Formats
Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)Best Value (BVS)Cost Plus Fee
Design-Bid-Build (DBB)Low BidGuaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
Design-Build (DB)NegotiatedLump Sum (or Fixed Price)
Multi-Prime (MP)Qualification-Based (QBS)Target Price
Sole Source (or Direct Select)Unit Price

Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

This delivery method entails a commitment by the CMR for construction performance to deliver the project within a defined schedule and price, either a fixed lump sum or a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). The CMR provides construction input to the owner during the design phases and becomes the general contractor during the construction phase.

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

The traditional U.S. project delivery method typically involves three sequential project phases: The design phase, which requires the services of a designer who will be the “designer of record” for the project; the bid phase, when a contractor is selected; and a build or construction phase, when the project is built by the selected (typically low bid) contractor. This sequence usually leads to a sealed bid, fixed-price contract.

Design-Build (DB)

This method of project delivery includes one entity (design-builder) and a single contract with the owner to provide both architectural/engineering design services and construction.

Multi-Prime (MP)

Although similar to design-bid-build relative to the three sequential project phases, with MP the owner contracts directly with separate specialty contractors for specific and designated elements of the work, rather than with a single general or prime contractor.

Inspired Networks

Inspired Networks has extensive experience across all construction delivery methods.
• Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)
• Design-Bid-Build (DBB)
• Design-Build (DB)
• Multi-Prime (MP)

Inspired Networks experience encompasses both the worlds of Technology and Construction, combining the experience of multiple technical disciplines with working knowledge of construction delivery contracts and methodology.

Too often, such coordination is taken for granted. Historically it has been assumed that the construction trades and IT services organizations will coordinate. In reality, both entities rarely speak a common language, without shared common goals and incentives.

Our experience enables Inspired Networks to bridge the gap between the worlds of Technology and Construction. The delivery methodologies for both technology and construction share a number of commonalities however differ with terminology and approach.

Success is achieved with the development and execution of a coordinated program in which Technology is planned, designed, integrated, installed, tested and commissioned in coordination with the construction project. Risk is mitigated. Budgets are maintained. Schedules are achieved.

Coordinating the technology delivery methodology within the construction program is the key to delivering a successful project.

Inspired Networks has extensive experience working
• Working as part of the Construction Team
• Working as part of the Design Team
• Working as a Owner’s Representative

Aviation Construction

The Airports Council International (ACI) projects the number of people flying to almost double to 7.2 billion passengers by 2035. Inspired Networks has played a role in many airport construction projects that will help move all those people.

Inspired Networks provides customizable blend of integrated technical design and delivery professional services, tailored to meet the needs of Airport Construction including new terminal(s), terminal renovation, terminal expansion, and new airports.

Inspired Networks incorporates fundamentals from both the Construction and Technology worlds balancing the construction project requirements (charter, schedules, and budgets) with the Airport’s requirements (business, operational, and technology requirements).


Inspired Networks has expanded their Construction and Technology integrated services to include Sports Venues, Correctional Facilities, Court Houses, and Corporate Office Buildings.