Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

Our MSI consulting services have a strong focus on the Air Transportation Industry (ATI) Airports and Aviation mission-critical systems. This includes system design and implementation and critical levels of integration across multiple systems to develop a fully integrated solution—not a number of disparate systems.

The Airport and Aviation mission-critical systems include:

  • Airport Operation Systems (AOS)
  • Passenger Processing Systems (PPS)
  • Baggage Processing Systems (BPS)
  • Safety & Security Systems (SSS)
  • Telecommunication Systems

Our MSI consulting services methodology includes the following:

  1. Identify all systems.
  2. Group systems into common and/or complementary functions.
  3. Identify which systems have confidential or highly sensitive information.
  4. Identify which systems have no useful integration benefits.
  5. Identify client requirements (business, operational, etc.).
  6. Provide analysis, including function/benefit matrix and cost/benefit matrix.
  7. Develop Systems Integration strategic plan.
  8. Incorporate Systems Integration strategic plan with program deliverables and/or milestones.
    1. Functional Specifications
    2. Quality Plan
    3. Design
    4. Implementation
    5. Integration
    6. Testing & Commissioning
    7. Operational Readiness Acceptance Testing (ORAT)
  9. Use the Systems Integration strategic plan, along with the Functional Specifications, System Design, and Project Quality plan, for adherence and governance throughout project delivery.